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The #1 delivery service for consumers buying from second-hand marketplaces, consignment shops, and independent sellers.


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The Future of Delivery is

Book a Rylli driver for your local pick-ups and deliveries in minutes. Skip the time-consuming process of organizing shipping, renting cargo vehicles, or hiring a moving company. With Rylli you’ll get the service you need, pronto!

Small & Large Item Deliveries
From $40

Our network of drivers has the right vehicles to move larger items like home decor, workout gear, and more up to 300lbs. Most of our customers are only purchasing one or two items at a time, so hiring movers that start at $200 for a truck is often a waste. We offer porch pick-up and door-to-door deliveries. Have your item outside for us, and we can do the rest. Load and unload the van yourself for our best pricing! We are not currently accepting large appliances, items must fit inside a Cargo Van.

We Do What Couriers Won't.

Couriers provide same-day delivery, but they can’t deliver large items. We’re on demand and cater to items that are hard for most people to move or fit in a regular car – the best of both worlds.

Effortlessly Track Your Deliveries.

We connect buyers, sellers, and drivers. Watch your delivery take place on our easy to use delivery app!

Hiring Us Feels Good.

We make it effortless to give used items a second shot at love instead of ending up in a landfill. Whether we are delivering to a consignment shop or another home, we’re helping people reduce their carbon footprints.

of Rylli Marketplace Delivery App

Secure In-App Transactions

We use Stripe for secure payments and protect your information.

Chat With Drivers

If our drivers have any updates or questions about your delivery they will message you.

Delivery Tracking

All of our drivers are insured and on our system to ensure maximum accountability.

Easy On-Demand Booking Scheduler

Order a pickup on-demand for right now, or book one for another time that works for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are an on-demand door-to-door delivery service for people who require a large vehicle to pick up and deliver their unique items.

Simply book on our website with the required fields, book your time and cost for payment within the Durham Region, and we will be at your pick-up location.

We have done background criminal and driver checks on our team.  We know who will be assisting you with your pick up and have provided training to our team to ensure that your items are handled with care.

Unfortunately, due to Covid and other concerns, our team does not enter our customers’ homes. All items must be ready for porch pickup and delivery by the seller or buyer before the Rylli team arrives.

Unfortunately, our Rylli team only handles the pickup and delivery of your items, and we do not assemble or reassemble your items.

We can pickup items small and large! We have a weight limit of up to 300lbs; if the item is over 150lbs, customers can book an additional person or two people to accommodate the pick-up and delivery request. We are currently not picking up appliances of any sort.

Yes, to confirm your pick up and delivery, we require payment in advance. Our team does not handle payments at pick up or delivery, and we try to have contactless payments for our customers and team.

Yes, please keep in mind that you may lose your original booking time and will have to book at the next available time slot.

Unfortunately no, due to covid and the protection of our customers and team.  We provide door-to-door pick-up and delivery only.

Unfortunately, we do not bring the items into your home.  We deliver your items to your door; if you are in a building, we will pick up or deliver by meeting the designated person in the lobby of the building.

Please have items ready at your designated booking time when the Rylli team arrives. If you are not, you may rebook a new time. The contact person should be aware of the pick-up and delivery person-times. We will have to leave the items at the door if the contact delivery persons are unavailable.

No. Please note that boxes must be open and not contain any illegal items. Boxes containing new items may be sealed if we are picking up directly from a retailer only.

Launching Across Ontario
Launching Across Ontario

We're now serving Durham!

City by city we are making it easier to ensure that the treasures you find, find you. Book your next delivery with Rylli Marketplace Delivery! 

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Our Happy Customers

People Love Rylli Deliveries!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Great communication!

I used Rylli to pick up a bed frame. This is a great service. Easy to use and they communicate to let you know when they pick up and on way to deliver. I will be using in future. – Susan King, DURHAM
Subashy Thiru

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Didn't need to bother my friends for help!

The team was extremely kind and went above and beyond to deliver my sofa bed within the same day. They were super cautious about my furniture and made sure they were safe and skilled when lifting. I was VERY impressed. The delivery drivers were also very pleasant to talk to. It was nice to have a friendly face greet me at my door with my delivery! Also, a great boost for my confidence because I was able to get a sofa bed without having to bother my friends to help with delivery! Thank you team! Would 10/10 recommend.  – Subashy Thiru, DURHAM

Faisal Hafeez

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Incredible service at an affordable price!

Rylli is an incredible service at an affordable price. I got them connected through Facebook then booked delivery. It was from Scarborough to Whitby 40km for only $40.They helped in loading the bed and dropped it to my home. The staff was wonderful and respectful and helpful. I really like the service and price. Now it’s very easy to buy things on Facebook and get them at home without worrying. They will take care of it. Love this!! – Faisal Hafeez